This was such a fun cake to work on! Gender Reveal Cakes are quite a big thing in America but definitely becoming more popular over here now. I was contacted by the lady who was pregnant about making a cake. She had a very specific design in mind and sent me a picture to work with.

However she had absolutely no idea what sex her baby was and she wanted the sponge inside the cake to be pink for a girl or blue for a boy. I was instructed that her sister would be in touch with me to let me know. When I received the email and was told my client was having a baby girl, I felt honoured to be making a cake that would forever be such a special moment in these new parents’ lives.

How exciting to cut into a cake to find out with those closest to you what bundle of joy you will be having - pink or blue? I also provided the client with cupcakes, cookies and cake pops, as well as jars with white sweets in (as pictured) A table of treats for a wonderfully sweet moment in time.


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